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Dominick ‘DONNY’ Canova

Dominick ‘DONNY’ Canova – NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesperson


Donny has been a very well known and full time REALTOR on Staten Island since the day he began practicing Real Estate back in 2001. Donny, who has a keen sense of humor and a friend to all, is always closing his deals with professionalism and a smile. In his prior career, Donny was a trader on the floor of the American Stock Exchange. He was then drafted to the United States Army. He served in Vietnam for two years. In 1968 he returned to Wall Street and continued his career as a Trader. Later in his career he decided to change gears and open an Auto parts warehouse, that served the five boroughs for over 30 years.   Donny is a natural when it comes to sales. Putting all of his energy into real estate, he is wonderful to deal with. Donny specializes in commercial, but don’t mistake –he practices all real estate, from sale of residential to lease of businesses. Donny handles it all. Call Donny Canova at (917) 863-5938 or email  dominickcanova@aol.com for all your real estate needs!


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