Gary Carsel – NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

I, Gary, do believe strongly in integrity, and goodness, concerning people.  I believe when you work with someone, you should let them see that you are a hard worker and that you can be very much trusted. For ten years or so, I was a very proud active mediator in New York City. An effective mediator understands that people are in disputes because there is a lack of trust between two parties due to a large, or even a small, lack of understanding, which evolves into disputing relationships. For two parties in a disagreement, the main problem reflects a distrust which stops forward movement. As a realtor I see it very important for there to be honesty between a realtor, and their clients. People also must see a serious work commitment in their realtor’s assistance.

Before I got into real estate, I was very involved in politics. This was because I felt, and still feel, it very important for a good citizen to contribute to their community. I mistakenly saw politics very important in contributing to a better community here in Staten Island. Unfortunately, regardless of political party the elected career politicians very much oppose a better community. Consequently, I have focused my positive feelings elsewhere. I am focused on assisting people satisfy their very important housing needs, or the life support which selling their home brings.

Before my increased involved in the community, I developed the important value of looking forward to life a s a good time to be had. I, in fact, did a bunch of traveling around the United States, as well as, to Europe and the Middle East. For several years I choose to live in beautiful New Zealand. For many years I was involved in theater and I went to Columbia University to get an MFA degree. Athletically, I have enjoyed the blessing of my body enjoying intense distance bicycle, and in much running. I also have a daughter, as well as a very loving wife, Anne Taylor. I have joined with Anne Taylor as a realtor.

I very much realize that we all have limited years in life, so we must make sure our life is important prior to its inevitable termination. As a realtor with my wife, I will be helping folks better their lives. As much as possible, it is my hope in real estates that I can be a real blessing to the people of the Staten Island community.

You can email me at or give me a call at (718)984-0215