About Us

Cangiano Estates is a true grassroots business. In the winter of 2005, Traci began her 7th year working for a big broker. At the same, being heavily recruited to join another well known Staten Island firm. She immediately had a moment of clarity and realized that she could do this on her own and did not need to work for someone else.  A young girl with high hopes, big visions and dreams decided take a leap of faith. Cangiano Estates, Ltd., a full service real estate company, was born.

Who Are We

Embarking on opening a business as someone who did not finish college was incredibly hard.  I worked day and night, trying to figure out just how to run the company. As the new kid on the block, it was difficult to find honest guidance, never knowing exactly who to ask. It seemed that everyone was a competitor and why would they want to help me? For this reason, I have always helped my broker colleagues who have called on me for advice on how to start their business and I was happy to do so. I always share whatever I know, and hope it helps someone somewhere. 

There are plenty of decisions to be made when you start a company. It was up to me to figure out how to run my business morally, ethically, and most importantly: successfully.

My office began to grow on its own.  They say “Build and they will come.” That’s exactly what happened.  My office growth took on a life of its own and my company soon blossomed into a family of hardworking agents, who we consider the Cangiano Family.  Cangiano Estates is home to some of the highest producing agents on Staten Island. These are agents who care. These are agents who possess skills second-to-none. These are agents who pour their heart and soul into working with their clients each and every day, and then do it again. 

In addition to our real estate business, the Cangiano Estates family has been involved in a plethora of community service since our early days. Each year we hold a Thanksgiving food drive, our largest community service event. We support Staten Island Family Services and our largest donation to date was 250 meals for 250 Staten Island families at Thanksgiving in 2020. In addition, we support the Tunnel to Towers/Stephen Siller Foundation, American Cancer Society, Toys for Tots, NYPD Cops Who Care, and so many more. We have also done numerous private events over the years for Staten Island families to raise money for whatever is needed. We are that office that jumps in whenever needed to help.

My daughter always tells me how she sees me as a role model for women. She says that I should be a motivational speaker for what I have accomplished with no background in business or a college degree. It humbles me to hear her say that, and it is equally as incredible to see my daughters work hard and strive to be their best selves after watching me  experience the trials and tribulations of working hard, being independent and just keeping things moving, over the last almost two decades.

It goes to show that if someone has a true  entrepreneurial spirit, having a degree is just back up.   

Cangiano Estates has always been known for its ability to get the job done.  Our business has been built on referrals from clients who know that they can rely on us. Hard work and professionalism is synonymous with Cangiano Estates. 

The philosophy we live by is simple.  Cangiano Estates does not have a cavalier approach and we believe in the forever client.  Patience, honesty, communication, perfect pricing, and consistent marketing are critical to a successful purchase or sale. 

Cangiano Estates has evolved over the years. We are not only full service on Staten Island, but we have happily expanded our business into Brooklyn and many parts of New Jersey.  

 We appreciate our clients and the business we do together.  We take our business very seriously and are always willing to do whatever it takes, within the confines of the law, to foster a successful transaction for everyone involved. 

If you or someone you know would appreciate the level of service that Cangiano Estates provides, give us a call or refer us, we are always available to help !