Cangiano Estates, Ltd. Member: Joanne Casale and Richard Casale

My experience with Joanne and Richard was Excellent! It is worth stating that Joanna and Richard sold my home while I moved to Arizona. I feel blessed that they were so trustworthy and took care of everything. Leaving my house to sell without my presence would cause anxiety normally, but Joanna and Richard handled everything so smoothly and with such professionalism that I felt very comfortable and stress free with the whole process even though I wasn’t living in NYC anymore. No one should hesitate to use Joanna and Richard Casale as their agents! By the way because of their expertise and quick response to interested buyers, my house sold within a very short time and just below asking price! I cannot say enough about them. They were not only the best agents, but the kindest people I have ever known! Joanne and Richard were excellent and prompt regarding any inquiries I had. I had a wonderful experience, that made the selling process easy!  I would recommend Joanne and Richard to anyone, they were so knowledgeable, considerate, communicative, and the best agents I’ve ever had!