STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Great Kills residents and business owners said they want action taken to either sell or clean up a zombie home that has been a blight on a busy strip of Amboy Road for the last for 13 years.

“The home has had squatters, and terrible issues over the years for us over here, and we wish it would just get sold,” said Traci Cangiano, broker/owner of Cangiano Estates, which is a few doors down from the zombie home located at 3880 Amboy Rd.

“I have been approached by so many business people who would want to buy it. But it’s not for sale,” she said.

“In the past there have been squatters who have had loud parties there and have gone as far as to use sprinklers on neighbors lawns to shower in,” Cangiano added.

However, recently a management company has come in and boarded up the property, she said.

“But it’s still a blight on the community,” Cangiano said.

There is a summons from the city Department of Sanitation (DSNY) posted on the defunct dwelling for a “dirty area” violation, which carries a $100 fine, said a DSNY spokeswoman.

A note posted on the boarded up home’s door says: “If you have any problem with this property contact Altisource.”

When Altisource was contacted by the Advance, a woman who answered the phone didn’t have an immediate response except that the company usually responds to issues within 48 hours.

Paul Stout, whose property abuts the zombie home, said a tree from the zombie property fell partially on to his property during this week’s windy weather.

However, Stout said when he called the company earlier this week, he was told someone would come to remove the tree from his property on Wednesday, to no avail.

“The house is just sitting there,” said Stout. “Someone should be cleaning up the place if they are going to keep the property…. This is a bad situation. There is dead wood lying all over the place.”

Source: South Shore zombie home a community blight for 13 years